Client Success Stories

Ethan and Roya

“The Time Crunch”

The clock was ticking for Ethan and Roya and there was NO time to be wasted. When they contacted our team, they had precisely 58 days to find a home and have their offer accepted (to find out why, continue reading). Two additional factors further compounded the challenges this awesome couple faced during their real estate journey. First, the market in Pasadena was brutally competitive for buyers. Second, they didn’t want to settle for just any home…and who could blame them? They wanted to find the perfect home that they could enjoy for years to come and where they could start their family.

At Lin Realty Group, we never back down from a good challenge. More than a good challenge, this was a great one! Because Ethan and Roya’s purchase was to be made through a 10-31 Exchange, if the sale didn’t close on time there would be a HUGE tax bill due at year end! Here’s what they had to say about their experience working with our team:

“We felt like we were under a lot of stress when we started house shopping and didn't really know what to expect from the process as we were on a time crunch due to our purchase being made through a 10-31 exchange. What a relief it was when we started to work with Eva and the team at Lin Realty. They took such a burden off our shoulders!

Understanding our situation, Eva made herself available to us at all times; whether it was to answer a question or to go see a house – and we saw a lot of houses! Even though we had to operate under a quick timeline to meet the 10-31 exchange deadline, Eva never once compromised the quality of her service. She thoroughly advised us on the pros and cons of each and every property we were interested in so we could make the BEST decision and not just the quickest decision. It was clear that her sole mission was to help us find the best house possible.

Not only was Eva amazing in terms of her expertise and professionalism, but she was so much fun to work with too! She was incredibly positive and uplifting, which helped alleviate the stress we were under. We actually found ourselves looking forward to spending our weekends house hunting because we had so much fun doing it! It was like we were spending time with our good friend.

Once we found this house, Eva made sure to do everything it took to help us win it. She compellingly communicated the story of our family, our dreams for the future, and how this house fit into those dreams. Clearly, this made a huge impact since the seller decided to pick us over the many other competitive offers received.

Coming into this experience for the very first time, we did not expect to find a real estate agent like Eva. She really helped ease our minds and worries by always being very communicative, transparent, and easy to talk to. It may sound cheesy, but we truly feel that we’ve also made a friend in this process.”

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