The Cook Family


When JPL called with a dream job offer, the Cooks were
ecstatic. The only problem was they lived 1,000 miles away…

Kendra was about to start making dinner for her family when her phone buzzed. She felt her pulse quicken. Was this the phone call she’d been waiting for all week? A glance at the screen showed that it was! She answered the call and heard the great news that would completely change the direction of her life, and her family’s too. She got the job! Her dream job at JPL in Pasadena! And they needed her to start in three weeks!

The only problem was she and her family lived 1,000 miles away in Montana. Fortunately, the Cooks don’t let anything slow them down on their passionate, adventurous journey through life. Kendra and her husband, Justin, packed up their whole life, including 2 young daughters, their nanny, 3 dogs, and 2 cats. A few days later they were on a road trip all the way from Montana to Los Angeles.

Once they arrived, the stress began to mount. Kendra and Justin were eager to make a smart home purchase and provide a great environment for their girls to grow up in, but that was easier said than done. They’d never dealt with a real estate market as wild as the one we have here in Pasadena. What’s more, they were completely unfamiliar with the many different neighborhoods around town. “Why should finding the right home be such a challenge?” they wondered.

Eva met with the Cooks and learned all about their hopes and dreams for their new home and neighborhood. From there, Eva began showing them different homes and neighborhoods that matched their vision. Within a month, the Cooks were in escrow on a beautiful Craftsman in Bungalow Heaven.

The Cook Family is now loving their new home, new neighborhood, and new city. We’re so happy we could help them win their dream home quickly and avoid months of fruitless searching and offer rejections.

"When we fell in love with this house, Eva fought incredibly hard to help us win it. Her negotiating skills blew us away!"

— Kendra & Justin Cook

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