Paula & Gary G.

5333 Mountain Meadow Lane, La Cañada Flintridge

Paula & Gary were experiencing every
home seller’s worst nightmare…

Their beautiful, custom-built, La Cañada home was languishing on the market — over seven months and not a single offer. They were frustrated, confused, and downright fed up. That’s when I first met them.

Like many of my clients, Paula & Gary found themselves entering a new season of life. With the kids off to college, 4,500+ sq.ft. began feeling like more of a burden than a luxury. Plus, they were spending more time at their beach house and less time in La Cañada. All the sudden it became clear — the time had come to close one chapter and open a new one, beachside.

Paula and Gary hired a popular agent from a big-name brokerage and expected a quick sale. What they ended up with was months of inconvenience and frustration. During our meeting, I shared my insights on where the first agent fell short and what was actually needed to get their home sold…

Selling a multi-million dollar luxury home for the highest price is not possible without world class marketing. This was a big missing piece of the puzzle during their first selling attempt and it’s something I see daily. Unfortunately, most agents (even luxury agents) simply go through the motions: photos, a sign in the yard, a dull write up, and maybe a virtual tour or an unhosted video tour. In today’s market, this approach simply doesn’t produce optimal results for home sellers.

First and foremost, I advised an inspiring video marketing strategy. My team crafted a visually stunning, story-driven “lifestyle video” that engaged prospective buyers on a deep, emotional level. This is a powerful marketing tool because it appeals directly to the buyers’ emotions and aspirations, yet virtually no other agents offer it. Instead of simply marketing a luxury home, of which there are dozens for buyers to choose from, we marketed a luxury lifestyle, a beautiful vision for the future, and an aspirational identity.

Paula and Gary were thrilled. They were diligently following every new listing for months, but they had never seen marketing as powerful as this before.

Why go through all this effort? Because luxury purchase decisions are emotional decisions. The more you can tap into a buyer’s emotions, the higher the price they will pay for your home. And the best way to do this is through video. This is luxury real estate marketing at its highest level.

But I didn’t stop there. My team created a second video to reveal the many hidden benefits of living in the home that only an owner can properly articulate. Luxury buyers love to know why a home is for sale and what makes it unique and special. Our “Interview with the Owner: Home Secrets Revealed” video generated tremendous interest and caused buyers to see exponentially more value in the home than they ever could by just viewing photos.

Next, I addressed the home’s positioning and copywriting. Initially, the home was described as “compound.” The words used to describe a home have a powerful impact on buyers. My team crafted a beautiful, long form narrative to position the home not as a “compound” but a place where fairytale moments happen every day. A place where the new owners could find their happily ever after. Again, the goal was to generate a deep, emotional response from our target buyer.

Finally, I addressed the home’s offer price. Establishing a proper offer price for a multi-million dollar property is both art and science. When Paula & Gary’s home went on the market the first time, the price was completely misaligned with the market. After thorough analysis, I suggested an offer price that accurately reflected the home’s value. Buyers no longer dismissed the home out of hand, but rather, became interested in viewing.

How did the market respond to these strategic changes? The home sold for $2,900,000 in just three weeks with multiple offers. Paula and Gary were elated. They had peace of mind knowing they sold their home for the maximum value and they were thrilled because they could finally live by the beach full time without having to worry about “the big house.”

"Hiring Eva was the best decision we could have made. Her expertise made all the difference for us."

— Paula & Gary G.

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