Dave & Molly

1745 Westhaven Road, San Marino

Dave & Molly’s home was full of elegance and classic beauty.
More importantly, it was full of priceless memories…

I understand that it’s not easy to part with the home you’ve loved for 30+ years. The home you poured your heart and soul into renovating and restoring. The home you raised your children in. But, when being closer to adorable grandchildren is the prize that awaits, selling becomes a much easier decision.

Achieving the highest sales price is almost always a top consideration for my clients. But there are often other desires that carry equal weight. Dave & Molly knew the coming weeks would be emotional, so they were seeking more than the typical realtor-experience. They didn’t want to be left feeling like “just another set of clients” and they didn’t want their home treated as “just another listing.”

My team and I were thrilled to provide the best of both worlds—a top dollar sale and a compassionate, intuitive client experience that removed all stressors from the process.

After coordinating the touchups and repairs needed to allow the home to shine its brightest, 1745 Westhaven Road was marketed beautifully through video, photography, and print media. And we didn’t simply market the home itself, but the story of the home—the aspirational lifestyle the home offered. This is what buyers respond to on the deepest level.

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As a result, Dave & Molly enjoyed a phenomenal result. While most homes in San Marino sit on the market for 50+ days, their Pennsylvania Farmhouse went into escrow in less than 3 weeks and sold for $2,900,000 — $50,000 over the lender’s appraised value.

With so many loose ends up to wrap up, it’s often the weeks leading up to the close of escrow that bring home sellers the most stress. That was the last thing we wanted for Dave & Molly. Our In-House Concierge team set up their mail forwarding, called to close out the home’s utility accounts, dropped their unwanted items off to donation centers, and even helped with packing. This meant Dave & Molly could spend long weekends enjoying their beach home, instead of worrying about their home sale back in San Marino. When they were away, we even saw to it that a fickle section of their garden received twice daily watering!

Dave & Molly were relieved to have the sale completed without a hitch and they felt deeply cared for throughout. I could tell that there was still some heartache in saying goodbye to such a special home. So, I commissioned a talented local artist to paint a stunning portrait of the home, this way Dave & Molly could always remember the beautiful seasons of life they enjoyed at 1745 Westhaven Road.

"Eva understood that our home represented much more than just a house for us. She honored this and made us feel like family and not just clients on her docket."

— Dave & Molly S.

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