😩 Home sellers often risk $100K+ in equity…

…without even knowing it.

I want to make sure you don’t find yourself in this dangerous situation!

Hi, it’s Eva Lin.

I’ve helped over 30 local families sell a home in the last year…

…and almost every time, I advised a pre-inspection on the house.

😲 Many of my clients who haven’t sold a house in years are surprised by this.

And I completely understand why!

It’s true, in the past, it wasn’t common for sellers to invest in an inspection.

That was for the buyers to do once they opened escrow.

Today’s market is very different though.

Inventory is much lower and home sales happen more quickly.

💪 My job is to make sure you come from the greatest position of strength when selling your home.

A key part of this involves hiring a professional home inspector…

…BEFORE you list your house for sale.

Here’s why:

When your house goes on the market, there’s likely to be a flurry of initial interest.

This is usually your best opportunity to capture the highest sales price.

When multiple buyers are vying to win your house…

📈…the price will be bid up.

In some cases, there will be one buyer who swings for the fences!

This highly motivated buyer might outbid everybody else by a large margin.

While that’s usually great news for the seller…

…things can go sideways.

If you haven’t done a pre-inspection, here’s a string of events you could face:

1.  You open escrow at a phenomenal price.

2.  The buyer performs their inspections.

3.  Issues with your home are discovered.

4.  Based on the inspection findings, the buyer wants to renegotiate on the purchase price.

(At this point, their emotions may have cooled…

…and the sense of urgency they felt during the bidding war may have waned.)

5.  While all this takes place, the other bidders find new properties that pique their interest.

(And now you’ll have to disclose the new inspection findings…

…to the other bidders causing them to lose more interest.)

So, you’ve gone from a position of great strength, to…

…being on your heels. 

This is the last thing you want!

The good news is you can easily avoid this frustrating scenario by doing the following:

1.  Hire your own inspector upfront.

2.  Provide the inspector’s report to all prospective buyers.

3.  Make sure the buyers review the report BEFORE submitting an offer.

This is what I advise for my clients, and it has paid off time and again.

My clients Chris and Rhea are a perfect example.

This lovely couple hired me to sell their stunning Victorian Craftsman in Pasadena.

And they took my advice about having their home pre-inspected.

I listed their house for $2.5M and made sure to provide the inspection report…

…to all the prospective buyers BEFORE they submitted their offers.

🥳 Sure enough, a great offer came in at $257K over the asking price. 

We opened escrow and Chris and Rhea were thrilled, until…

…the buyers wanted to renegotiate on the price after performing their own inspections.

They wanted to lower their offer price by over $100K!

With confidence, we didn’t budge an inch.

We pointed out that virtually all the findings called out by the buyer’s inspector…

…were already called out in the inspection report we provided up front.

👍 In short order, the buyers agreed to proceed at their original offer price.

I cringe to think of how that scenario would have unfolded had Chris and Rhea NOT…

…done a pre-inspection.

Certainly, we wouldn’t have been able to negotiate so powerfully.

So, if you’re thinking of selling your home in the coming months, be sure to have it pre-inspected!

Many agents are still doing things the old way.

But now you know one of the critical strategies that’s allowing some local sellers…

😎…to see far better results than others.

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