What Folks Wish They Knew Before Selling

What do most people WISH they knew before selling or buying a home?

The answer is so simple, but I think it’ll surprise you!

Hi, this is Eva Lin.

Two big problems in the real estate industry are on my mind today.

Here’s the first:

False Promises and Unrealistic Expectations

Folks are constantly seeing slogans like “Get a mortgage with the click of a button!” …

…or, “Home selling made easy!”

To be clear, the process of getting a mortgage is pain-staking and tedious.

It’s full of document uploads, back and forth, and all kinds of headaches.

Sure, technology IS evolving.

BUT, there’s no such thing as getting a traditional mortgage with the click of a button.

And selling your house is an even bigger challenge!

There’s a seemingly endless stream of paperwork and disclosures for you to sign.

There’s the whole process of prepping your house for sale and moving out.

But on top of that, there’s the emotional component that can be so powerful.

Many of my clients are invested in their homes both financially AND emotionally.

They’ve raised their children there and created countless treasured memories.

This means the sale is a major life event to be handled with the utmost care.

Even with the best help, home sellers who’ve built their life in a home they love are not likely to describe selling it as “easy.”

I pride myself on going to great lengths for the families I serve so…

…they can have the smoothest and most supportive experience possible.

My support staff provides concierge level service by:

Coordinating all the prep work needed to make the home look its best

Arranging for items to be donated/hauled away and then facilitating the handoff

Showing up in blue jeans with moving boxes to help pack

Assisting with mail forwarding, utility account transfers, and so much more…

I’m always looking for ways to minimize inconvenience and even better…

…to create delightful moments for my clients that wouldn’t otherwise exist.

Here’s a perfect example:

“Marketing Day” (photos, videos, 3D Tour) is usually a major inconvenience for home sellers.

Nobody likes clearing out of their home while strangers traipse through it all day.

So, here’s what I’ve begun doing during “Marketing Day”:

Clients are treated to an overnight stay at a 5-star resort on the ocean in Palos Verdes.

An amazing dinner and breakfast at the resort are also part of my gift!

This means they get to enjoy a wonderful getaway!

And it sure beats an inconvenient day away from the house!

But, even with exceptional guidance and care, I know that…

…selling or buying a home is intrinsically challenging and stressful for families.

To suggest otherwise is just disingenuous.

That brings me to the 2nd big problem:

Lack of Candor

According to industry surveys, many folks feel they weren’t given the full picture.

For instance, home sellers need to know upfront that if they live in their house while selling it…

…private showing can feel VERY disruptive and invasive.

However, this discussion rarely happens.

Homebuyers, on the other hand, need to know the truth about today’s asking prices.

They need to know that these prices are often just “starting bids” and don’t reflect the likely sales price.

And, it turns out that 10% of homebuyers have no idea how their agent even gets paid!

This is because many agents would prefer NOT to explain this simple fact:

The buyer is the one who’s paying their agent’s commission because it’s baked into the sales price.

Industry research shows that most people wish two things occurred before they bought or sold their home:

First, they wish they were given proper expectations, not a sugar-coated version of what this process is like.

Second, they wish they weren’t surprised with information that should have been communicated to them upfront.

A great agent will be candid and direct with clients about what’s to come.

Sure, there will be exciting moments and downright fun parts of the experience.

For instance, many of my home selling clients love seeing how beautifully their home is transformed before it goes on the market.

They also find great joy in reading the heartfelt letters from the families who’ve fallen in love with their home.

And, of course, it’s always exciting when great offers come in at fantastic prices…

…because that means more financial security for them.

My home buying clients are always overjoyed when they beat out other offers to win a house that’s captured hearts.

And when they finally receive the keys to become the new owners, there’s another emotional peak!

But, along the way there, are always challenges to overcome.

When selling a home, for instance, the top bidder might get cold feet and walk away.

Or the emotional weight of leaving a home you’ve loved might prove heavier than you expected.

When buying a home, you might open escrow on your dream house…

…only to discover major issues during the inspection process.

It can be so frustrating when you have to walk away and start your search all over again!

A great agent will proactively plan ahead to smooth all these rough edges.

Nonetheless, it’s still important for clients to know there are sure to be both highs and lows.

With the right agent the highs will be even higher and the lows?

Well, if they can’t be outright prevented, they’ll at least be reduced as much as humanly possible.

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