The Three Biggest Pain Points When Selling Your Home

The Three Biggest Pain Points When Selling Your Home

For most people, moving is a stressful event as there are seemingly endless details to address. Packing, organizing, purging, and getting the house prepped for sale are just a few of the considerations.

There’s also the emotional weight of saying goodbye to a home you’ve cherished. Add in the potential stress of not knowing if you have a new house to move into once your original house sells, and it’s no wonder that moving from one home to another is listed among the top 10 most stressful life events.

Here are the top three pain points most families experience when selling their house, along with the proven strategies I apply for alleviating or outright eliminating them.

Pain Point Number One: Organizing and Packing

Packing and organizing to prepare for a move can be daunting. It can take dozens of hours and it’s sweaty, exhausting, dusty work. Most people assume they need to personally sort, organize and pack their whole house. Fortunately, this couldn’t be farther from the truth.

It’s all about having the right team to help take the burden off your shoulders. I regularly bring in a professional organizing consultant named John Trosko to help my clients prepare for their move. The man is an absolute miracle worker!

When John and his team arrive, they quickly pack, label, and organize everything meticulously. What would take days for a home seller to accomplish on their own, he can complete in mere hours. It’s a huge stress reliever having this kind of help during such a busy time. I know my clients’ time is extremely valuable, so I love having a resource like John who can allow them to focus on more important things.

For those families who prefer to head up the project themselves, I also have an in-house Concierge team and they’re always happy to lend a helping hand. Members of my team show up in blue jeans with boxes and help relocate furniture, tidy, and pack. What’s more, they even help close out your old utility accounts, open new ones at your new house, and set up your mail forwarding.

Providing an unparalleled white-glove experience for my home sellers is something I’m deeply passionate about and that’s why my Concierge team exists!

The Second Pain Point: Preparation For Market

Perhaps the most stressful aspect of selling a house is preparing it to look its best before it hits the market. Because I help over 20 families with their home sales every year, I have a great network of contractors and vendors who do an outstanding job for my clients time and again.

Once we determine the best ways to prep your house so it sells at the highest price possible, my Concierge team gets all of the contractors together and handles all of the logistics. They gather quotes, put together a timeline, and keep you updated every step of the way. This is a huge time saver and stress saver for busy home sellers.

Pain Point Number Three: Uncertainty

Not knowing if, or when, you’ll have a new house to move into is incredibly stressful. Many home sellers today are facing a Catch-22. There’s a lot of demand for their house when it goes on the market, but once it’s in escrow, they find themselves racing to find a replacement house and facing stiff competition along the way.

That’s why I recommend negotiating a lease back that’s around 60 or 90 days. This means once escrow closes on your home sale, you get to continue living in the house for several more months while securing your new house. I’ve helped many clients navigate this situation and it all comes down to knowing the best strategies for getting your offer accepted on the buying side.

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